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Focus & personalization : 
Our focused and personalized approach is appreciated by our clients. 70% of our business comes to us through referral.

Each project receives individual attention :
We believe that each client's requirements are unique. We do not have a "one size fits all" or "template" solution to sell. Instead, issues and problems are addressed individually, to find the right solution for the Client's particular needs.

Dedication and commitment :
 Dedication and commitment, is our hallmark. Whatever we commit, we make it happen and endeavor to see that our clientele take legitimate pride in choosing us as their business & tax advisors.

Promptness of Delivery : 
We answer correspondence promptly and deliver our services on time. Satisfying our client's needs as soon as the needs arise is what motivates us.

Efficiency in our firm : 
We plan ahead so that all the resources, which we need for servicing our clients' requirements, are always ready and in place. This helps us speed up responses and keep our costs under control.

Proactive approach : 
When we have a suggestion to make - or a new development affecting the client, or a new business opportunity, or a new way of improving the client's controls and procedures, we do not wait to be asked before giving our views and suggestions.

Technical Excellence and Reliability : 
All our staff is kept fully up dated with all the latest technical developments.

Diverse clientele : 
Our varied client base exposes us to valuable learning and enables us to foresee, pre-empt many issues a client may face and preventing the need for the client to spend time and cost on addressing such issues

Reach : 
Much of our work is done remotely, using telecommunication tools-e-mail, phone & fax- to keep in touch with our clients. This means that wherever you are located we are within easy reach. In addition, where appropriate, we can work as per our clients Time zones so that they can reach us during their normal business hours.


Choice of Top EB5 projects that meet each investor's timeline and investment objectives.

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One of the most compelling government programs for immigrant investors and their families to gain permanent residency and American citizenship.
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