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  1. Strength

    1. India is an emerging economy and becoming a key market for EB5 Regional Centers and EB5 Projects.
    2. Highest number of English speakers among the BRICS countries
    3. The government of India allow citizens to wire $200k per person each year which is 4 times higher than Chinese
    4. No backlogs and high degree of flexibility as compared to investment based programs of other countries
    5. Second fastest growing economy of the world, rising per capita income and high % age of young & working population are some of the key factors that makes India as a hot spot for promotion of EB5 Visa Program.
    6. USA is top choice amongst Indians for all other categories of visa.


    1. Indian investors are not familiar with EB-5 regional center program.
    2. Unorganised/ unregulated immigration system and current agents/ finders are not well trained about the EB-5 program
    3. Documenting lawful source of money
    4. Indians taking the program as Investment program rather than job creating program
    5. Procrastinating attitude of Indians


    1. There is a large number of high net worth individuals in India and they are very interested in emigrating to US or doing business in the US
    2. Suspension of Canada Investor Visa has paved way for growth of EB5 visa
    3. Cheap Option under Immigration through Investment category as compared to other countries.
    4. Lot of Indians are working/ studying in USA, so they want their family members to migrate, which is a great opportunity.


      • There are other options for Indian citizens to emigrate to US (typically are younger IT guys as we all know) both time and money wise
      • Global slowdown
      • Tax and regulatory framework, government regulations, distinct cultural norms


Choice of Top EB5 projects that meet each investor's timeline and investment objectives.

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One of the most compelling government programs for immigrant investors and their families to gain permanent residency and American citizenship.
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